Kirkwood Scott Chronicles

Have you read it yet?

So, I’m a bit behind the times, but Stephen Black’s first novel, The Kirkwood Scott Chronicles: Skelly’s Square is now available to purchase in ebook, or paperback form! If you recall, this was the novel that I edited earlier this year, which is receiving great reviews 🙂

I have just found that Booktopia, a large Australian site (that I use regularly!) is selling the paperback version of the book! It is also available on Amazon as an ebook or paperback.

If you read Stephen’s book, remember to give him a review, and also let me know!

❤ Laws

5 Weeks To Go — Fractured Faith Blog

Hi again, I’ve realised that I haven’t updated my lovely followers about my editing work. Well, I have fabulous news! I edited Stephen Black’s first ever novel earlier this year, and now he has a publishing deal! I’m very proud of his efforts…and ok, yes I’m pretty proud of mine too. Since finishing my second qualification I’ve had a couple of articles published, edited Stephen’s book, helped a new writer self-publish his short stories and completed some small online content jobs. Onwards and upwards from here.

❤ Laws

IT’S COMING! ‘The Kirkwood Scott Chronicles: Skelly’s Square.’ Only 5 weeks to publication. My first book will be available to buy via Amazon in e book and paperback format. I’m excited. Are you? Please feel free to reblog and spread the word. Thank you 😊

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