I say tomato, you say tomatoe

Our annual sauce making is complete for another year! Sugo (Italian) making is one of my favourite family events. For my international followers, by tomato sauce I am talking about the kind you would mix through your pasta; not what I think you would refer to as ketchup!

For a school project, my youngest explained the process of sugo-making to her class via a PowerPoint presentation, and now I’m going to ‘borrow’ bits of it here.

Step 1: (more…)

Be brave. Be kind. Be present.

I woke up New Year’s Day and realised I hadn’t written my monthly blog post. Oh, the horror! 😉 Immediately I began brainstorming blog topics like, ‘it’s the start of another year’, ‘time to make New Year resolutions’ – at which point I think I did a little vomit in my mouth. Puh-lease! Someone telling me to try a new hobby, lose some weight, achieve my goals by June blah blah blah, just makes me want to cringe!

We all want to start off our year well, but I believe we need to look at life-long attitude changes, not a 2018 quick-fix. (more…)