I ❤ lists

This summer, my family, our friend Dan and his two children stayed in a rental property on Molloy Island, Western Australia. The house had all the usual amenities, but we were still required to bring our own linen and our own food (all of it – as there are no shops on the island). Dan and I began messaging about what to pack. He wrote, ‘I’ll…take whatever is in my fridge and pantry with us (as long as it fits in the car) ha ha.’ Hilarious. No.   (more…)

Be brave. Be kind. Be present.

I woke up New Year’s Day and realised I hadn’t written my monthly blog post. Oh, the horror! 😉 Immediately I began brainstorming blog topics like, ‘it’s the start of another year’, ‘time to make New Year resolutions’ – at which point I think I did a little vomit in my mouth. Puh-lease! Someone telling me to try a new hobby, lose some weight, achieve my goals by June blah blah blah, just makes me want to cringe!

We all want to start off our year well, but I believe we need to look at life-long attitude changes, not a 2018 quick-fix. (more…)

Handy hints for the digital era

I’ve been bitten by the blogging bug! I put my organisational cap on and decided that this blog would be about some little IT tips and tricks I know. Hopefully some are new and useful to you.

Tell Me

With its Office 2016 suite, and Office 365 apps, Microsoft has introduced a nifty little tool called Tell Me. Do you want to clear the formatting on a line of text but can’t find the darn command in the ever-changing menus?

Hello, world! My first ever blog post

Hello, world!

I felt it fitting for my first ever blog post to start with that phrase; a well-known programmer’s way of sanity checking their code, and testing the waters so-to-speak! My first career was in Information Technology, and now my Cert IV in Professional Writing and Editing has brought me full circle, plunging me into the world of blogging.

You’re probably thinking, ‘Why did she quit her well-paid job in IT to become a student again?’ Good question. One that would normally have a long-winded and boring answer if I hadn’t learnt how to get to the point thanks to my current course! (more…)