I ❤ lists

This summer, my family, our friend Dan and his two children stayed in a rental property on Molloy Island, Western Australia. The house had all the usual amenities, but we were still required to bring our own linen and our own food (all of it – as there are no shops on the island). Dan and I began messaging about what to pack. He wrote, ‘I’ll…take whatever is in my fridge and pantry with us (as long as it fits in the car) ha ha.’ Hilarious. No.  

Besides peaking my anxiety, the situation called for me to create one of my famed, practical lists. 😉 So, I dug out my old packing list from our camp trip to Augusta two years ago, crossed out the camping-specific items and came up with 2 new beauties (see end of this post).

To put some context around the packing requirements, Molloy Island is in the Blackwood River and can only be reached by car ferry – and only by residents or those who are staying in island accommodation. There’s friendly wildlife, plenty of fishing and canoeing spots, bike riding and swimming. Our holiday was for 5 nights and we hoped to catch some fish and crabs for a meal. Clearly the river life was onto us, avoiding being caught except for one unlucky mid-sized bream that Dan’s son snagged. Fresh fish was off the menu, so it was lucky my packing list allowed for our fishing shortcomings!

My approach was to determine some meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, then list the ingredients required. The second list was for all the non-food items. The food had to fit into two lidded 56-litre tubs, and a 46-litre car fridge – otherwise it stayed at home. I left behind some of the lettuce, but Dan also brought lettuce so we had plenty! Credit to Dan – the tonic water, extra gin and extra lemons he provided were much appreciated 😉

We ate so well, and we were very relaxed. We never needed to line up for the hourly ferry to get supplies on the mainland. I attribute at least some of this happiness to my packing lists.

You can edit my Word files to suit your needs but remember to consider your own space limits and trip length when deciding your meals and equipment.

Happy packing!

❤ Laws

List-Food and Meals

List-Packing for island

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