Handy hints for the digital era

I’ve been bitten by the blogging bug! I put my organisational cap on and decided that this blog would be about some little IT tips and tricks I know. Hopefully some are new and useful to you.

Tell Me

With its Office 2016 suite, and Office 365 apps, Microsoft has introduced a nifty little tool called Tell Me. Do you want to clear the formatting on a line of text but can’t find the darn command in the ever-changing menus?

Just go to the Tell me what you want to do bar and tell it! This function not only lists helpful links, it shortcuts you straight to the possible command you were looking for. For my friends who are long time users of Office, this is far more useful than our old friend Clippy the paperclip.

Take a Snapshot

Helping my sister-in-law out recently, I realised that Adobe Reader’s Take a Snapshot function may be unknown to you. If you want to cut and paste more than just text out of an existing pdf file, Take A Snapshot is the tool to use. You can find it under the Edit menu – simply choose it, and use the cross-hair to drag out a rectangle around an area of the pdf that you want to use elsewhere. It is then stored, ready to paste into another app.

Cheap ink cartridges

There are many cheap printers on the market and that’s great – but beware. Always check the cost of replacement cartridges before you purchase your printer. Often just buying one replacement set of cartridges will cost more than the initial price of the printer! The Brother brand of multifunction printers usually has affordable, compatible, non-genuine cartridges available online.

Make your own invitations

You don’t have to pay someone top dollar for your child’s next birthday invitations, use a template at Greetings Island. Customise the template to suit your needs for free! Yes, they are free to download, print or email. That’s why I like Greetings Island – you get fast, great-looking invitations in return for displaying a very small watermark in a corner. Just avoid the click-bait ads across the top and sides of the web page.greetingsisland

Cheap reads

Have I mentioned that I love to read? A gripping story and a cuppa, and I’m truly in heaven. If you love to read and have moved over to the dark side with e-books, BookBub and Overdrive are must-have apps for you.
Sign up to BookBub for free, enter in your preferences for genre and reading devices and voila! Thousands of books at your fingertips for little or no cost, that you can read at your own pace.
Another option is to visit your local library and find out their details to log on to Overdrive. Overdrive is a free app that lets you borrow digital content like e-books or audiobooks, and works just like a physical library, with borrowing limits and holds.

If anything in this blog was of interest to you, or you have a question, please comment!

❀ Laws


  1. I am loving the blog! I am not a big blog follower, but you have got me hook, line and sinker…. It is so lovely to ‘hear’ your voice again. x Celia


    1. Aw thanks Celia! I plan to only post monthly, so shouldn’t be too intense! Lol…it’s funny, at first when I had to start this blog for my course I thought what did I possibly have to say that anyone might want to hear – now I’ve got so many ideas of what to write but not enough time to write it all πŸ™‚


  2. I got an ebook for Xmas last year, I love it!! I finally relented after years of refusing to go there, so glad I did. For one thing it’s easier on the wrists 😁
    I haven’t figured out how to get new ones though, in only have ones that my friends have put on for me. I’ll try your suggestions! Do you have to download to computer first then add to ebook? My ebook has internet but yeh I’ve not figured it out!!
    Thanks Laws, keep it up!


    1. Hey Shan, glad it was relevant to you πŸ™‚ When you say you got an ebook for Christmas – do you mean an ebook reader (ereader)? If so, what brand eg. Kobo, Kindle. That will help me answer your download question.


  3. Ok, then join Bookbub on your computer/phone whatever, when it gives you options for where to download from e.g. Google, Amazon – choose Amazon. Follow the bookbub steps to get the book from Amazon (use the same Amazon log in used to register your Kindle reader), then the ebook you’ve bought should ‘sync’ to your Kindle the next time your Kindle us connected to the internet πŸ™‚


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