Hello, world! My first ever blog post

Hello, world!

I felt it fitting for my first ever blog post to start with that phrase; a well-known programmer’s way of sanity checking their code, and testing the waters so-to-speak! My first career was in Information Technology, and now my Cert IV in Professional Writing and Editing has brought me full circle, plunging me into the world of blogging.

You’re probably thinking, ‘Why did she quit her well-paid job in IT to become a student again?’ Good question. One that would normally have a long-winded and boring answer if I hadn’t learnt how to get to the point thanks to my current course!

After 5 years as a Business Analyst in a multi-national IT company, the corporate politics and 9 to 5 grind began to get me down. Fortunately, during that time, I met my now husband, Pete who worked for the same company – he felt equally disillusioned. His family run their own gourmet lettuce business in Gingin, WA and in 2005 they offered us a way out of the skyscrapers into the lush acres of a quaint country town, with jobs in their factory.

Pete and I moved up to managerial roles after a year, we got married, built a house, had two beautiful girls and life was pretty settled in Gingin town. But for me, a passion for work was missing. That was to change in December 2016 when I had an epiphany while reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I needed to find what I was passionate about and make it my career. I didn’t think I was particularly passionate about anything, and then it hit me that books, reading and correcting grammar mistakes (yes, seriously) brought me so much joy. I enrolled in a Cert IV in Professional Writing and Editing to start me on my journey to becoming a freelance writer and editor. And here we are.

I’ve brainstormed ideas for future posts, and most of the topics revolve around organisation skills, motherhood and life hacks. So, if you’re interested in packing lists, planning, how to make traditional Italian pasta sauce (from scratch) or how I maintain my sanity with my two delightful girls, please follow me!

❤ Laws

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